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Best Details for the Proper Jaundice Treatment

An apartment without curtains, even if furnished with the most modern and beautiful furniture, will not look spectacular. A room without curtains on the windows looks empty, uncomfortable. But using them, make sure that they do not interfere with access to the room of sunlight, which is good for health. It is known, for example, that the lack of sunlight is one of the causes of pain and slow physical development of children.

On the kitchen windows, hang small curtains that cover only part of the window

If you want to slightly change the look of your room, change the curtains. You can update the old curtains, remaking them in a new way. Border, wide frill lengthen the curtains, which are shorter from washing. Instead of one long curtain, hang two at different levels. You can put your faith over the best at curtains Singapore about this matter now.

To make fine tulle curtains look good, gather them in folds or gather them (of course, the material will go twice as large). Having distributed the folds on the curtain, secure them with a tape attached from the wrong side.

If you live on the ground floor or the neighboring house is too close to yours, you can hang short translucent curtains called “breeze-business” on the windows, except for thick, long curtains (their height is 70-80 cmabove the windowsill). Make them from a thin fabric, tulle, lace fabric.

What is bilirubin?

Blood cells (erythrocytes) inside a person have a short life: they live no more than 120 days. When destroyed, red blood cells release the substance bilirubin. By itself, bilirubin is considered a dangerous substance, but in the body it is purified by liver enzymes. Then the neutralized bilirubin passes through the bile ducts and is removed from the body by the excretion system. For the good at home jaundice treatment these are the all that you need to know.

At the time of birth of a child, all the organs are very weak, so often the crumbs suffer from jaundice. Their liver cannot cope with bilirubin filtration. And this substance in turn penetrates the skin, coloring the child’s body in yellow.

Jaundice treatment can take place in several ways:

Bilirubin levels are attempted to be controlled by hyperbaric oxygenation, i.e. specially moistened oxygen is supplied to the pressure chamber with the child.

If the amount of bilirubin in a child has exceeded all norms, then the mother and baby are put in the hospital. There, doctors prescribe a blood transfusion to wash off the child bilirubin.

Treatment of jaundice in newborns at home

If the jaundice began to appear in the first days after discharge, then feed the baby plentifully with colostrum.

Treatment of jaundice in newborns at home

To do this, buy a special lamp, under which the child is kept for 20 minutes with eyes closed. If you cannot afford this purchase, you can register for separate sessions of phototherapy in hospitals.